Donnerstag, 1. November 2012


Hey guys, how are you?
I thought I could make an other "english Post". At first I didn't know what to write about, but yesterday I was on a Halloween Party and I saw my Bestie. I didn't saw her for more than 3 months and I was really happy to see her again.
I want to show you how I celebrated Halloween and what my Bestie & I were wearing. Have Fun XX

So thats my Best Friend and I, my look was inspired by Miss Chievous. Check out her youtube Channel, her tutorials are really good and in english ;) 
I wanted to look like a real Vampir not like a glittering sexy and "not-human-blood-drinking" Vampir.

Because the night was were long I couldn't make enough photos from my Bestie and me, but I took some snapshots of her. I thinks she's really beautiful and pretty. So enjoy seeing some pics ;)

So I'm coming to the end and as usual I want to know If I should continue writing my Posts in English or not. I know I've some American Follower and I really like to make those Posts in english. But it's much work so I wanna know if it's worth the effort.
And I would appreciate if you could share my Blog to your Friends or so.
Thanks ;)
Ps. I'm really sorry if I made some English mistakes... 

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